We are experiencing an unprecedented series
of crises;

climate, biodiversity, mass extinction… People are feeling deflated, powerless & sometimes overwhelmed.
This is our response.

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Nature’s Blueprint is a unique experience, model for change & community which empowers, energises & supports people to reconnect with nature & find innovative & impactful solutions to the challenges of our time.

Not for profit

Network of change makers

On location or online

Who is Nature’s Blueprint for?

  • Leaders in a community or an organisation looking for a creative thinking space to reimagine pathways forward
  • Individuals working in climate, social justice & environment related roles who will create new connections & be inspired & supported to be more impactful in their role
  • Coaches & consultants working in, or wanting to work in, the climate/eco/sustainability space who will experience a unique model to use with clients
  • Teachers & educators who are wanting to inspire their learners & others to make a difference
  • Conscious citizens looking for an innovative way of finding & contributing to solutions to our current circumstances
lungs of the world

We are at the tipping point for our species and millions of other species on the planet.

This is your time to make a difference – This is your time to take action, to be the ancestor you want to be. Take a look at our Join page to see how you can experience Nature’s Blueprint model and become part of a living system of change makers!

Support Us

Nature’s Blueprint is a not for profit part of Annie Lee Associates Ltd. Our aim is to use profits to make Nature’s Blueprint accessible to charities, marginalised communities & those in need. To help support our work please consider making a contribution or to find out more please contact us.

Nature’s Blueprint change model

At Nature’s Blueprint we believe that the disconnect between us & the natural world is at the heart of most of the crises we face today. Our aim is to reconnect people to being part of nature in order to inspire & empower better decisions for, not only us but the planet too.

The Natures Blueprint day at Farm Ed was actually life changing for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but went along and being given the time, space and support to work through a dilemma I had been pondering for a while was so freeing and I left with a clarity I have not felt in ages. All of this amongst a great group of people, all coming from different places but with a shared interest in regeneration, I thoroughly recommend it.
– Clare Hill, Planton Farm & Roots to Regeneration

Together we are stronger. “Our BIG ambition is to create a network of change agents that have the resources to activate change within other individuals, communities, organisations and ultimately society as a whole. Let’s GO!!”
– Annie Lee, Founder