Nature’s Blueprint

About Us

What is the Nature’s Blueprint Model?

The premise of Nature’s Blueprint is the acknowledgement of the disconnect between the human race and the rest of the natural world.

Our belief is that this is at the heart of most of the crises we face today. We also firmly believe that there is HOPE & that humans have an extraordinary capacity to problem solve & innovate. Our model draws on these beliefs as well as the principle that we have much to learn from natural processes. A Nature’s Blueprint experience will take you through this by starting to:


Forming a deeper relationship with the natural world & shining a light on the interconnectedness of soil health, gut health, human mental & physical health, societal & overall planetary health. This will lead to a state of being where you can start to…


a different way of being, a different future for you, your communities, your organisations. Drawing on nature’s lessons & proven mindset shifting models & tools, you will explore different solutions to the challenges that you face. Then you get to the vital part, you then get to…


Taking your learnings from the experience, you will create a plan which is based on your unique strengths & what is important to you. You will be fully empowered to take action & share your story widely.  Being part of the community will then support you on your mission.

 We are at the tipping point for our species and millions of other species on the planet. This is your time to make a difference – This is your time to take action, to be the ancestor you want to be.

Take a look at our Join page to see how you can experience Nature’s Blueprint model and become part of a living system of change makers!

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’

– Albert Einstein

Our principles

Our strong belief is that people hold the answers within themselves & our role is to create the space for them to innovate, be courageous and maybe a little disruptive! Read about some of the core principles that have guided the thinking in terms of Nature’s Blueprint, they are themes that are woven through the experience & the community as a whole.


I have just had the most amazing day as Annie welcomed a founding group of Nature’s Blueprint members. An incredible collection of people who connect around the land, nature, systems change and more. There is a deep interconnection between every human and the ecosystems in us, around us and between us. I am totally inspired, motivated and grounded.  My biggest take away is that sustainability is to keep the same and that is not enough. We need to REGENERATE. Leave it better, healthy, enriched and improved. Thank you also to Annie’s team and all the special humans who made this an awesome experience.
– Chaya Mistry, Coach & Consultant at Humanly

Together we are stronger. "Our BIG ambition is to create a network of change agents that have the resources to activate change within other individuals, communities, organisations and ultimately society as a whole. Let's GO!!"- Annie Lee, Founder