About Nature’s Blueprint


‘Profound change can happen through developing the capacity of ordinary people to see things differently.”

– Carol Sanford

Our strong belief is that people hold the answers within themselves & our role is to create the space for them to innovate, be courageous and maybe a little disruptive!

Below are some of the core principles that have guided the thinking in terms of Nature’s Blueprint, they are themes that are woven through the experience & the community as a whole.


How can we as individuals balance giving & taking? This mirrors natural processes such as symbiosis & mycelium networks. This is not only how we work together as individuals & within systems but also how we interact with the natural world.


We are all in this together & the need to respect each other & each other’s viewpoints & experience is paramount in terms of forging an effective & robust community.


As in the natural world there is no such thing as perfection.  Viewing the challenges that we face, it’s our belief that we need to manage expectations both of ourselves & others & ensure we operate from a position of understanding, forgiveness & support instead of judgement.


Utilising different strengths, experiences, viewpoints & ensuring people feel heard, seen & included. What got us here will not get us there! Companion planting is a great example of this when thinking of the need for diversity.

Positive Mindset

Coming from a place of hope, awe, optimism, appreciation as well as utilising strengths & demonstrating resilience, sets a firm platform for us to work from.


Using all our senses to reconnect with our innate natural instincts needs us to tap in deeply to our bodies and utilise all our intelligences. There is a tendency to rely on our cognitive intelligence, Nature’s Blueprint encourages a different more effective & holistic way of problem solving.

The Team

Nature’s Blueprint is brought to you via a fabulous & diverse mix of people who come together to deliver impactful group or individual experiences either in person or online.


“I attended the Nature’s Blueprint Launch event as someone notionally interested in how I can make better choices for my own health and become more part of the answer, than the problem with regards to looking after our planet. The event was an immersive educational experience that highlighted the interconnectivity of the food supply chain, regenerative farming, gut health, humane animal farming and many other related themes. The simple but effective framework served as an invitation for me to reconnect with nature, reflect on the impact I was having and respond by making decisions to make changes within my control to start making a difference. I encourage anyone who cares about making a positive impact to preserve this abode earth for the next generation to come along and be educated and empowered to start making a change
– Frank Bolaji-Irawo, Coach, Speaker, Poet

Together we are stronger. "Our BIG ambition is to create a network of change agents that have the resources to activate change within other individuals, communities, organisations and ultimately society as a whole. Let's GO!!"- Annie Lee, Founder