About Nature’s Blueprint

The Team

Nature’s Blueprint is brought to you via a fabulous & diverse mix of people who come together to deliver impactful group or individual experiences either in person or online.

Annie Lee

Founder of Nature’s Blueprint Annie is a master at creating space for people to find and work their magic. She has a background in agriculture & adult education & has a passion for empowering people to see life through fresh eyes. She is a coach & facilitator known for both her warmth & her challenge, who leans into the use of Positive Psychology & mindfulness within her work. She works with a number of conservation organisations & is a passionate supporter of many more.

Cara Wheatley-McGrain

Cara is the founder of the Mindful Gut, and Hay House author of ‘Calm Your Gut’.  As a somatic coach Cara uses multiple modalities to enable a renewed relationship to gut health. She regularly contributes to a range of publications, including as feature writer and columnist for Psychologies magazine. Cara works in educational, corporate and charitable settings, to share insights and restore compassionate connections to our inner eco-system (aka gut microbiome) and outer ecosystems.

​Lucy Williamson

Previously a vet in the UK and Canada, Lucy is now an award-winning nutritionist with a MSc in nutrition from King’s College London. With over 30 years of experience in health, food and farming, she’s part of a passionate community of health professionals and food producers, learning from natural eco-systems, to make better health a reality. Founder of The Gut Project, Lucy communicates on the power of real food and its provenance to restore health and wellbeing via our microbiome. Ambassador for The Real Food Campaign and Love British Food, Lucy lives on the edge of the Chiltern Hills with her RAF husband, two teenagers and Ruarie the border terrier.

Aysha Tupman

Aysha is a coach and facilitator, who brings 20 years of experience in complex, dynamic, global organisations to her work. Over her years working in Leadership Development she supported thousands of leaders at all levels to understand the impact that their behaviour and decisions have on those around them. A passionate advocate for culture and behaviour change, Aysha also brings teaching qualifications in yoga, meditation and mindfulness to her work to help people reconnect with themselves and with the world around them.

Zaidha Roscoe

Zaidha is a coach and facilitator with a career background in independent retail. She is a passionate advocate for regenerative change both within our physical environments and ecosystems, our communities and most crucially within ourselves. She is gifted in empowering individuals to recognise their own unique strengths, values, gifts and talents and harness them to bring about change right where they are. Championing the power of a little to bring about big change she believes the answers lie in qualifying ourselves as caretakers and having the courage to take that first small but bold step!

Clare Wild

Clare is a vet, somatic coach and epidemiologist, passionate about conservation and ecology, with a lifelong enthusiasm for growing food in partnership with nature. She has 20 years of veterinary and leadership experience in farming and public health. As a smallholder and organic gardener, reconnecting with nature was critical to her recovery from burnout. Since then, with her coaching with teaching qualifications in yoga and meditation, she uses different modalities to help people reconnect with themselves and with the natural world around them.

Chaya Mistry

Chaya Mistry, is a Human Leadership Coach and Consultant, Founder of Humanly. She helps her clients to be more authentically human and create better connections and belonging at work, life and in our environment. On a mission to regenerate humans, so we can take care of each other and take actions that regenerate our planet and each other Chaya is an executive coach, trainer and consultant with a background in Psychology and Communications. With an evidence base spanning; psychology, indigenous wisdom, human nature and evolution, she specialises in human behaviour change and connection.

Frank Bolaji Irawo

Frank is a coach, speaker and published poet with over 30 years of leadership experience working in Retail, Entertainment, Banking, Criminal Justice and Not-For-Profit sectors. He is passionate about supporting leaders to make a positive impact through their work without compromising their well-being or that of the planet. He harnesses the power of words to awaken insight and open doors of awareness that initiate transformation. His unique coaching approach uses poetry as part of powerful transformative conversations that fuse human psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness to help leaders get clear on who they are, connect to themselves and their mission, and collaborate with the universe to create positive change in their world.

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We were inspired and empowered to take action, to respond to the climate challenges we face. We were given gifts of thoughts and insight, friendship and wonder which the monthly pulse point sessions act to reconfirm. As I get to know the Nature’s Blueprint members more, I can sense the subtle threads that connect us and our natural surroundings. I am shown how a small shift can have great impacts. That the thoughts I have are echoed by others, and my laughter or tears are met by those who understand. I can be fully myself in this group, and this allows me to explore how I – how we all – can make climate-positive changes as our response. Together.
– Helena Jackson, Hertfordshire Waste Partnership

Together we are stronger. "Our BIG ambition is to create a network of change agents that have the resources to activate change within other individuals, communities, organisations and ultimately society as a whole. Let's GO!!"- Annie Lee, Founder